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Employment Discrimination

As employees, we are often at the mercy of our employers. We depend on our paychecks to pay our bills and make sure our families are cared for. However, employers must never be allowed to forget that employees do have certain rights in the workplace. We have the right to not be sexually harassed. We have the right to be evaluated based on our ability and not based on our race, sex, or age. We have the right not to be judged because we have medical limitations. We have the right to take medical leave if we need to. We have the right to report unethical activities without fear of retaliation. We have the right to receive worker’s compensation benefits without being fired because of it.

If you believe your rights in the workplace have been violated, do not hesitate to call me. I will fight to help you restore your dignity and get you what you deserve.


If you have been the victim of police abuse, you need a lawyer who understands complex constitutional law yet has the street smarts and guts to go up against government officials who believe they are above the law.

The U.S. Constitution protects our right to live our lives without intrusion by police officers. We have the right not to be arrested unless we committed a crime. We have the right not to be stopped on the street for no reason. We have the right not to be beaten by police. We have the right not to be singled out based on our race.

If you have had an incident with the police, call me and we can figure out whether we can file a lawsuit to get you compensation for the violation of your rights. You need a lawyer like me who has significant experience in suing police officers.



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We're specialists in Employment Discrimination and Civil Right / Police Misconduct. Whether your freedom, your record, or your finances are on the line, The Law Office of Julie O. Herrera is the help you've been looking for. We will get you the absolute best results possible.